The Chicken Drop San Pedro, Belize

Do you ever wonder where the phrase, “Don’t be a Chicken Shit” came from? To this day, I’m still not certain, but it sure isn’t something used to describe those who volunteer to take part in the weekly Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge and Beach Bar in San Pedro, Belize. You see, those who offer up their services here are braver than even they may realize.

The Chicken Drop is basically a gamble like no other. Each Thursday evening dozens of wide-eyed tourists gather in front of Wahoo’s to watch a chicken shit. Honestly. And to make matters worse, or more interesting depending on your take, you can place a bet on where it’s going to ‘drop’.

Here’s how it works:

A board with squares numbering 1 thru 99 randomly is surrounded by a net and set in front of the bar. This is where the magic happens. You can begin placing your bets at 6pm Thursday at the bar inside Wahoo’s. By the way, get a drink while your there – you’re going to need it! To purchase one square costs 1 BZ or .50 cents US and you can purchase as many as your heart desires. When the Chicken Drop first started, gamblers could scope out the board and pick the number of their squares; unfortunately now, you simply take the numbers you’re given.

At 7pm the highly-aniticpated drop begins. Brave volunteers tasked with prepping the chicken are given very specific instructions before ‘chicken security’ is called upon to, “bring out that chicken!” A wide-eyed bird is handed to the usually reluctant volunteer who clutches the bird and follows orders. They spin the bird in a circle three times, wave or shake the poor chicken up and down, again three times, and finally the fun part…someone lifts the chicken’s tail feathers and the volunteer, who onc