• 2013: The Year We Chased Our Dreams

    I’m often a talker, not always a doer; a big dreamer, not always an executer. I’m comfortable in the life I lead, but have a hard time accepting things for what they are. I often think there is more. In fact, I know there is more. But, not necessarily for me. It’s the adventurous, the risk-taker, the opportunist, the strong, the successful that seem to pounce upon their target with impeccable timing. They reach beyond what’s comfortable to take hold of their dreams, and unshaken, they refuse to let go.

  • Introduction to India: Our Push to Keep an Open Mind

    “In-terrible India, In-terrible People,”┬áhe said as he shook his head in a light-hearted manner of disapproval. ┬áThat was the response to a simple question I asked our tour guide in New Delhi. “Why do people…

  • Myanmar’s Remoteness Revealed: Inle Lake

    It was only moments after our flight touched down that a simple conversation with a cab driver in Yangon set our heads spinning as we tried to grasp the concept of Myanmar’s once oppressive military rule and the political games allegedly still being played as the country struggles to reintegrate with economic leaders in the international community.

  • Journalist to Housewife: Gaining Entry into Myanmar

    An uneasy feeling tickled deep within my stomach forcing my heart rate to jump. I tried desperately to calm my uncontrollable nerves, but the effort proved futile. As Dan and I stood inside the cold,…